Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28 - December 2

This will be our final week of preparation before Reconciliation Weekend.  Please be sure to double check your child's day and time (3rd or 4th).  Throughout the week the students will practice the Act of Contrition, take a Unit Assessment and complete a mediation/reflection to prepare themselves.  Please remember to help your child think about the sins he/she would like to discuss with the priest this weekend.  We will remind the students to use their Examination of Conscience to help.  It is going to be a beautiful weekend of healing and clean hearts.
Everyday Math
On Monday, the students will practice estimating costs to the closest ten.  Based on their estimates, the students will determine whether certain numbers of items can be purchased.  Throughout the week the students will complete explorations and begin learning a big 2nd grade concept: ballpark estimates.  This will coincide with our teaching of double digit addition.

Daily 5
Daily 5 routines and Guided Reading groups Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Mini-Lessons:  -Using a Dictionary Review and Assessment
                        -Identifying and using adjectives in writing

Being a Writer
The students will begin the week with a "Like/Dislike" list.  This list will be based off the book I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato!  This is a fun book if you have picky eaters at home :)  Using their lists, the students will write stories about their likes and/or dislikes.  Later in the week, the students will listen to the book Let's Get a Pup and start a focus study on using adjectives in writing.

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Earth's Resources Unit begins.  This unit will be inquiry-based and full of observations and explorations. The students will begin by looking at different types of rocks and putting them into categories based on features.  Be sure to ask your child each night about their new discoveries!