Monday, May 15, 2017

Week of May 15

The students will be reading Chapter 21: Forever in Heaven. This chapter focuses on our invitation to heaven and the great feast that awaits us upon our arrival. Each of us is invited by God. The students will understand what it means to say "yes" to God, as well as share their images and visions of what heaven must be like. There will be Rosary on Monday, May 15th.

Everyday Math
The students will be reviewing double and triple digit addition and subtraction problems, with and without regrouping. It is our hope students are solving these problems with greater confidence and accuracy than when the year began. We are very proud of how far they have come. There will be a few lessons on multiplication readiness toward the end of the week

Daily 5
Daily 5 routines and Guided Reading groups Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Mini-Lessons: Main idea and details in informational texts

Being a Writer
The students will focus on friendly letter writing. They will listen to three different trade books that model how to write letters. The students will identify the different parts of a friendly letter while working through the writing process. One fun letter will be written from the perspective of an object in space to the Earth!

Our Forces in Motion unit begins! The students will be able to define a force, as well as identify the four different types of forces: gravity, magnetism, moving water and moving air. We will experiment with how friction can slow forces.