Monday, October 23, 2017

Week of October 23rd

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*Finish sacraments brochure
*Identify symbols and key words for each of the seven sacraments
*Review why we have sacraments and how they strengthen our faith
*Assessment this week ~ look for a study guide to come home!

*Begin weekly time tests
*Tests will be given at each students' readiness level
*Objective is to solve any given addition/subtraction fact within three seconds
*Finish Unit 2
*Review and Assessment this week

*Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work & Listen to Reading
*Mini Lesson: Opinion writing

*Human Body Unit
*Identify skin, bones and muscles on the human body
*Name distinguishing characteristics of each
*Recognize ways to keep each healthy

*Silly sentences based on the book Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers
*Choose a silly sentence to turn into a story
*Edit and publish silly sentence stories
*Create a cover during technology class with Mr. Southward