Monday, November 27, 2017

Week of November 27

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*Guided Meditation: How Many Times?
*First Reconciliation Review
*Practice the Act of Contrition
*Answer any questions the students may have

*Weekly time tests continue
*Problem solving tasks using different models: Start to Change: Part Part Total
*Explorations Day
*Review how to read a thermometer and identify temperature

*Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work & Listen to Reading
*Mini Lesson: Adjectives

*Identify state and country capital names and locations on a map
*Using Pebblego, begin to research the roles of a mayor, governor and president
*Compare and contrast mayor, governor and president using a tri-venn diagram
*Unit review and assessment

*Tradebooks: I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato & Let's Get a Pup!
*Make a likes/dislikes list
*Write a story from the list
*Write a pet story either real or made-up
*Add adjectives to make writing more interesting