Monday, January 23, 2017

Week of January 23

The students will have an assessment over the Holy Trinity. Please look for a triangle organizer to come to home to help your child study! There will be Mass on Wednesday. The students will prepare for Catholic Schools week which begins next Monday.

Everyday Math
Unit 6 continues. The students will begin learning double digit subtraction. While we use the same process all of us learned back in the day :), the vocabulary is different. The biggest difference is the word "regrouping" instead of "borrowing". We have a special rhyme to assist the students as well.

Daily 5
Daily 5 routines and Guided Reading groups Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Mini-Lessons: -Identifying Main Idea & Details in a non-fiction text

Being a Writer
Last week the students listened to an interview with the owner of Kate and Pippin. This week the students will compose and execute their own interview with a friend. As the week continues, the students will listen to the book How to be a Good Friend and write a journal entry with their own ideas on this topic.

Social Studies
Continents Unit Review and Assessment this week!