Monday, April 3, 2017

Week of April 3

The students will continue learning about the Liturgy of the Eucharist. They will understand the parts of the Eucharistic prayer and how the bread and wine are consecrated by the power of the Holy Spirit into the Body and Blood of Christ. The students will have opportunities to practice receiving the Eucharist in the classroom.

Everyday Math
Unit 9 with a continue and end with a focus on different types of measurement. The students will focus on capacity this week, as well as weight. There will be a unit review and assessment.

Daily 5
Daily 5 routines and Guided Reading groups Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Mini-Lessons: Text Features

Being a Writer
The students will begin their study of biographies. We will introduce the concept of biographies to the students. They will all complete a classmate interview this week, take their research and transpose it into a Top 10 List. The students will have an opportunity to share their research with the class.

Students will begin studying weather. The students will recognize the difference between weather and temperature. We will introduce various tools used to measure weather. The week will culminate with a storm chaser visit from Channel 13 News! This will be very exciting.